Carhartt Women's Relaxed Fit El Paso Cropped Pant

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This relaxed fit pant is built with durable ripstop fabric so your pants don't tear under pressure. argo pockets with snap closures to ensure your necessities stay in your pockets, where they belong. Sitting slightly below the waist, this crop gives more coverage than a low rise, but the cropped leg helps keep you cool.

You've volunteered to help a friend move, but it's a surprisingly hot Vermont summer day. You need to wear something that will keep you cool while standing up to a little abuse. You reach for your El Paso Crops because they are lightweight, but don't mind some hard work. As you're getting up into the truck to haul out that couch, you catch your pants on the door hinge. You look down ready to asses the damage, but because these pants are made of 100% cotton ripstop, there is none! So you keep working, and stop worrying about your clothes. Before you know it, your friend is all moved in!