Lenny's Employees and Customers

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I ordered a new pair of Muck boots from Lenny’s after having a pair that were 10 years old. Got them on Friday and they are terrific, wore them outdoors all weekend working in our chicken coop and gardens. You had the best price of anyone for them! – Howard

My daughters and I just visited the Williston branch for kids sneakers for the first time. The department manager of the kids shoe area was extremely helpful and informative. I was so impressed that I bought sneakers for myself and she helped with that also. I went to a local children's store for sneakers first and your prices were better!! I will definitely come back to your store and recommend it to friends. Great job to all of your hard-working, friendly staff. – Amanda

We love shopping at Lenny's and so appreciate their making a Humane Society of Chittenden County donation jar available. Local company, high quality goods, extensive inventory, friendly staff - just the kind of company we like doing business with! – Dennis

We visit Lenny's often and appreciate how helpful staff are, especially Mike. Unlike other stores folks at Lenny's are helpful without being obtrusive. We appreciate how knowledgeable staff are about products and trust their recommendations. If you've never taken advantage of the hunter's widow sale opening day of deer season your missing some great deals and you don't have to wait for Black Friday!! – Pamela Brown

I had a difficult time finding a particular pair of Red Wings and been calling stores all over the east and came across Lenny's in St Albans. They had exactly what I was looking for and "Will" was great! Because of his friendly helpful attitude and his expertise in the products they sell, I will now be a Lenny's customer for life! Thanks again Will! – Oliver Montour

When our daughter and her family visit from the Toronto area, they never miss a chance to replenish boots, sweaters, outerwear, etc. at Lenny's. – Kate Flies

Lenny's in St. Albans thankfully had the size 14 hiker that my son really dug. And a dress shirt that fit well. He's been to plenty of stores that can't fit him or have limited selection for his big, wide feet and long arms. It was neat for him to pick out both a shirt and shoes at one spot. He's hooked on Lenny's and I noted many styles to my own liking. Customer service folks were so nice and we look forward to going back. – Tom

One of the last locally owned places to actually take the time to fit kids for shoes! – Ali Karmosky

Marc was wonderful! He explained the differences in the different boot designs and materials. I felt confident in my purchase and will always shop at Lenny's in Williston! – Tina

I love Lenny's! I buy the best quality clothing and American Made workboots, fishing boots, and hunting boots for my family at Lenny's. Thanks for always having what we need. – Laurie Workman Malenfant

I have to give a shout out to Lenny's in Williston, VT. My sons seem to jump sizes pretty quickly so we frequent the store for sizing and always find good deals and great, knowledgeable staff. Buying local pays when you have a store like Lenny's. – VTMamateurs