Our 10th Annual Charity Sale raised over $22,00 for local charities.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Charity Sale, and for everyone who made a donation. We could not have done this without you! During our 10th annual Charity Sale, our amazing customers helped us raise $22,283 for the Vermont Foodbank and JCEO Plattsburgh Foodshelf.

"During the pandemic, the Vermont Foodbank has nearly doubled the amount of food it is distributing to meet the need,” says Vermont Foodbank CEO, John Sayles. “We are in the midst of a hunger crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and it is going to take all of us working together to ensure that everyone in Vermont has enough food. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of partners like Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel in helping ensure that our neighbors have access to the food they need to thrive during these challenging times.”

For the month of October, our customers were encouraged to make a $10 donation to the Vermont Foodbank or JCEO Plattsburgh Foodshelf in exchange for a custom canvas tote bag and exclusive access to the storewide sale. 100% of the donations collected went directly to these worthy non-profit organizations.

“Our customers have astounded us once again with their generosity,” said Mark McCarthy, Co-Owner of Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel. “They are committed to making a difference in the lives of our neighbors. To date, we have donated over $161,000 to take action against food insecurity in our area."

Again, thank you to everyone who helped make this donation possible. Your generosity and dedication to our communities, and those in need, is much appreciated.

November 13, 2020 — Lenny's Web

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