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Timberland PRO was launched in 1999 to provide essential tools to the people who need them the most - professionals who need reliable, durable, and safe footwear for their jobs. When it comes to work boots, Timberland PRO has got your feet covered, and there are many options depending on the requirements of your job and your needs. Any job site will always challenge you, and often in unexpected ways, so it is important to have the right footwear for the job. Between falling objects, electrical or mechanical hazards, wet conditions, and varying temperatures, you will want a work boot that will protect your feet and be ready for anything.

When it comes time to choose the right work boot for you, you will need to decide which toe type you need - steel toe, alloy toe, or composite toe. Here at Lenny’s, we have a variety of options for your work boot needs, but which style is ideal for you? Let’s find out!

Steel Toe Work Boots (aka ST)

Timberland PRO’s steel toe work boots are designed and engineered with ultimate protection in mind - tempered, corrosion-resistant steel, a roomy fit for your toes, and the best protection against hazardous machinery and dangerous falling objects on the job site.

Alloy Toe Work Boots (aka Aluminum Toe, AL, or AT)

Timberland PRO’s alloy toe work boots are lighter in weight than steel toe boots, featuring military-grade aluminum in the toe, and still meeting safety standards for impact and compression. Alloy toe work boots are a great option if you need to be lighter and quicker on your feet, but still want protection against potentially dangerous impacts on your toes. 

Composite Toe Work Boots (aka Comp Toe, CT, or NT)

Timberland PRO’s composite toe work boots contain toe caps made of a non-metal, non-magnetic composite material, with some featuring nano technology in the composite toe cap. They do not conduct extreme heat or cold as quickly as their metallic counterparts, so they are ideal for work environments with extreme temperatures. They are the lightest option of the three toe styles, and they still meet safety standards set by ASTM for workplace safety.

With all these choices, it is important to know the requirements of your job site to ensure that your work boots will get their job done - keeping you safe and on your feet. Come check out our selection of Timberland PRO work boots today, in-stores or online, and make sure your feet have the best protection they can get for your work days. 

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October 08, 2019 — Lenny's Web

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