Bogs Boots - Beautifully Designed to be Durable and Dependable

If you have ever worn Bogs, you love them for their style, comfort, and durability.  Specializing in footwear for all ages, Bogs creates the perfect boot for any conditions - work boots, farm boots, rain boots, winter boots, casual boots, and much more. If you've never worn Bogs, you may be asking "what makes these boots so special?" The answer lies in their design and construction, and sets them apart from the other boots out there.

Work Boots

For both men and women, Bogs has an impressive selection of work boots for any job - from hot summer days on the farm to icy winter nights where you need to chop wood to keep that fire going. Features like composite toes and steel toes ensure that no matter the work, your boots will keep your feet safe from potential hazards.

Some noteworthy highlights of Bogs work boots include:

    • "Flex Width" technology, allowing you to adjust your insoles to keep you comfortable on the job

    • Waterproofing to guarantee that your feet won't get soaked when the weather turns nasty

  • "Rebound" technology that cushions your feet for extra, long-lasting comfort

Rain Boots

Many Bogs rain boots are 100% and 100% waterproof, so your feet will stay dry, warm, and odor-free. Bogs has several technologies to improve rain boot performance, including "DuraFresh" bio-technology to control bacteria and odor, and Bogs Max-Wick to wick away moisture. Even the neoprene portion of their boots is 100% waterproof, thanks to Bogs "Neo-Tech", a synthetic flexible rubber that helps keeps your feet insulated as well.

Winter Boots

Bogs has many award-winning winter boots, some of which are comfort rated to keep you safe and warm even in extreme temperatures! Their seamless construction means that no water, snow, or ice will leak into your boots. This design also makes for a boot that is 30% lighter and much more durable. They are 100% waterproof and well-insulated, thanks to their "Neo-Tech" stretch technology.

Take the impressive features of the Bogs Bozeman Tall as an example, a #1 Rated Boot by Outside:

    • 7mm "Neo-Tech" waterproof insulation

    • Rated to -72 Degrees Fahrenheit

    • "EveryDry" lining & Bogs "Max-Wick" to evaporate your sweat

  • Self-cleaning "BioGrip" outsole that is resistant to chemicals and slipping

Still not convinced?

Check out the Bozeman Tall on our website and grab a pair for yourself before the bad weather sets in, and browse our entire online selection of Bogs here.


November 22, 2019 — Lenny's Web

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