Hey, hunters! You don't have to hunt all over town for high quality hunting gear at a great price. Head straight to Lenny's Shoe and Apparel. Get special pricing on Sitka and LaCrosse gear during the Sales Event this Saturday, October 28, 2017. The sales reps will be at Lenny's in Barre on Saturday from 10am - 4pm taking special orders. Enter to win free hunting gear at the Barre store!

About Sitka

Sitka is the world's most advanced technical apparel for Big Game, Whitetail, and Waterfowl hunting. Sitka's mission is to engineer gear that is an extension of the outdoor experience and not simply a barrier between the user and the environment. By utilizing only the most advanced fabrics and construction technologies, Sitka will always design gear that is engineered to work together as complete systems, excelling in performance, function, and protection.  Hunt comfortably in the most diverse and challenging range of hunting conditions.

About LaCrosse

LaCrosse has been making the best rubber boots since 1897. For over a century they have followed the model: Do one thing and do it right. LaCrosse boots won’t let you down. These boots know a thing or two about toughness, durability, and comfort. Whether for hunting, working, or tending the land upon which they tread, LaCrosse boots give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.
October 23, 2017 — Lenny's Web

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