The story of Sasquatch becoming part of our Lenny’s family stemmed from a brainstorming session with our amazing video production company three years ago. Ideas were bounced around for our Hunter's Widow Sale television ad and we came up with a fun concept centered around the theme "What happens at deer camp". The idea centered around a Sasquatch character cuddling with our hunter at deer camp.

Since that fateful commercial, Sasquatch makes a cameo in the majority of our television commercials, print ads, and photo shoots. This elusive creature represents enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s for work or for play; something that is encouraged in the Lenny’s culture. Sasquatch sightings add some magic, mystery, and wonder that is frequently lacking in our digital world.

Darn Tough VT approached us to collaborate on a new, limited edition sock that would be available exclusively at Lenny's Shoe & Apparel. Amanda Cashin, our Marketing Director, was tasked with creating a design that represented Lenny’s in a creative way. Sasquatch immediately came to mind. With a design concept complete, Amanda worked with the design team at Darn Tough to choose a sock style and thread colors. Darn Tough stitched up samples. We went through a few rounds of tweaking to come up with the final product. Lenny’s released the limited edition sock at the end of September and sold out in early December.

As a part of this fun new venture, $2.00 from every pair sold went to one of four charities that were near and dear to the staff at each store. A total of $3,000 was donated to Community Health Centers of Burlington, Good Samaritan Haven in Barre, Martha’s Kitchen in St. Albans, and JCEO Community Outreach in Plattsburgh.

When we created the Lenny’s Exclusive Darn Tough Sasquatch Sock, we had no idea the kind of reception they would receive. We are thrilled to continue this tradition with Darn Tough and will be releasing a new, limited edition sock design next holiday season!

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