KEEN Men's Mckenzie II

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Here's a full coverage water shoe that keeps your feet feeling comfortable and protected on all sorts of adventures. Whether you're out in the garden on a soggy morning or wading through a river to reach that perfect sun-bathing rock, Mckenzie water shoes will save you from any unwanted slipping or sliding.
You don't normally expect a water shoe to be able to hold up to the steep slopes and rocky terrain of Mount Mansfield. Luckily, the Mckenzie shoe defies all expectations. A little water shouldn't stop anybody from doing anything. With the Mckenzie shoe, you can wade as deep as you need to into the lake to cast your line out and know that your feet will be protected from those pesky, hidden sharp objects. After some fishing, feel free to take the dog up the mountain in your Mckenzie shoes! A sturdy, reinforced shoe with plenty of rubber contouring and a breathable lining helps to keep your feet feeling protected and comfy in any terrain. So hop over that puddle, or walk right through it during your woodland stroll in a pair of Mckenzie water shoes.
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