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Mobile Footwear Unit Deployed


MORRISVILLE, VT - Lenny's Shoe & Apparel recently reintroduced its Mobile Footwear Unit. On May 3rd and 5th Lenny's partnered with Manufacturing Solutions Inc. in Morrisville, Vermont. During those days the Lenny's crew showcased over 400 pairs of safety toe footwear for the MSI employees. MSI gave each of their full time employees a stipend towards safety toe footwear, and over 90 employees took advantage of the program.

Lenny's has been committed to supplying the best quality workwear and industrial footwear to area businesses and customers from their four store locations for the past 26 years.

The reinstatement of the Mobile Footwear Unit allows Lenny's to bring their products directly to companies across Vermont and New York.

"Lenny's Shoe and Apparel is one of our local safety shoe suppliers," said Nichole Blow, Safety Specialist at Keurig Green Mountain. "They provide our employees with quick, customized and friendly customer service that meets our business needs. Lenny's has committed to ensure our employees safety shoes meet the specifications we require."

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