Meet Our Team

Barre Store

Barre Store

Shelby Hilferty, 1997

Title: Key Holder/Sales Associate
Favorite Local Attraction: American Flatbread, Waitsfield VT
Bio: I chose to work at Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel because I enjoy working with customers. I’ve worked with a variety of people, from a truck driver to runners to farmers who bring me honey. My favorite product we sell is Darn Tough Socks. They’re made in Vermont and they stand by their product.

Dennis LaRocque, 2011

Title: Data Management
Favorite Local Attraction:  Anywhere outdoors weather it's kayaking, hiking, landscaping or just hanging with my boys playing in the mud.
Bio: I work for Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel because it’s a local, family-owned business with great products. My favorite moments at Lenny's usually involve Shelby and her many "moments". Her most used word is "whoopsie". My favorite Lenny's product would have to be Carhartt B13DST jeans because they are comfy, have nice deep front pockets and are durable.

Ella McCarthy, 2016

Title: Sales Associate
Favorite Local Attraction: Millstone Hiking Trails, Barre Heritage Festival
Bio: I was fortunate enough that my parents own the business, so I was able to work here. When you're working with a customer and you finally find the perfect shoe for them, and they get a look at satisfaction on their face. That's how you know you did your job to the best of your ability, and it's so rewarding. My favorite brand is Crocs! So many colors and they are super comfy.

Kristin McCarthy, 2006

Title: HR & Payroll
Favorite Local Attraction: Skiing at Bolton Mountain

Bio: I work at Lenny’s because it allowed me to be with my husband (Mark) and work when my kids are in school. My favorite moments working here I have to say everything about the company, being in the family, it is a joy to see how hard my father in-law worked, my husband works and now having our daughter work as well.

The last production with Jake has been a very proud moment for us to be able to share our story, listen to how things began and to know that we care so deeply for the communities that our stores are in. Olukai sandals and Dansko clogs are two of my favorite items we carry; when I wear either, my back doesn’t hurt me!

Mark McCarthy

Sierra Nutting, 2013

Title: Key Holder
Favorite Local Attraction: Hiking up Elmore Mountain and going kayaking in the lake afterwards
Bio: I chose to work at Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel because it’s a family-owned business and it really felt like working with family when I started. Everyone is so kind and welcoming; it is wonderful. I love how close we are as employees. We all see each other more than our own family. We try to go bowling or out to dinner a couple times a year. This spring the barre store went bowling and had dinner all together and it was so nice to spend time with everyone outside of work, we all had a blast!

My favorite Lenny’s product is Dansko’s. I own 8 pairs of Dansko’s; the quality and the comfort are phenomenal.

Jeff Poulin, 2008

Title: Receiving
Favorite Local Attraction: Kids sporting events and the Barre Aud for boys Basketball playoffs.
Bio: I really like the pattern and the comfort in the Sitka. Yeti and Hydroflask I use every day. Keeps your drinks ice cold and coffee hot.

Kirk Tatro, 2011

Title: Store Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Hunting is my biggest passion. As far as one particular location, I don't really have one. As long as I am outside, I'm in my happy place.
Bio: I chose to work at Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel because it's a very successful, family-owned, tight-knit group of employees, who treat each other like family. Who wouldn't want to come to work every day to an atmosphere like that?

My favorite line is Sitka Gear, mainly because of my passion for hunting. Sitka is a high-end hunting gear company, who specializes in making hunt specific clothing to elevate the success of those who choose to wear it. Each garment is built with a specific purpose in mind. They are also huge on the belief of giving back to the industry in conservation. They believe in protecting the hunting industry for not only now, but the future as a whole.

Carol Wheeler, 2000

Title: Business Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Waterbury Reservoir
Bio: I work here because it’s a great and reputable business. I remember when Hurricane Irene hit, and Lenny's traveled to many of the flood locations to give out free Carhartt jeans and sweatshirts to the victims. It was so gratifying.

We carry so many brands and products that I love. But I am a definite Prana clothing fan. Fits my body and type and all their products are cute and stylish.

Plattsburgh Store

Todd McCarthy

Sherri Robinson, 2013

Title: Assistant Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Pointe Au Roche State Park - great walking trails with beautiful views
Bio: I was familiar with what Lenny's Shoe & Apparel did as a company to give back to the community in Vermont and knowing that a New York location was opening, I knew I needed to be a part of a company that cares so much for the local people. My son, Shyroc, and I participated in a Plattsburgh Lenny's commercial and it was his 4th birthday.

My favorite item by far is Darn Tough socks. They are super comfortable, have fun patterns, have a lifetime guarantee and are made locally.

Carole Shanley, 2013
Title: Store Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Point Au Roche State Park and Lake Champlain
Bio: I was looking for a privately owned company to work for while relocating from Connecticut. Lenny's Shoe & Apparel looked like a great company to work for. One of so many favorite memories was my interview with Todd prior to being hired. It stuck with me and was a clear indication of how it would be great to be part of the Lennys Shoe & Apparel team.

I am very partial to Danskos and Sanita’s. They are very comfortable and a 24/7 shoe. Being on your feet for 10 hours you need a shoe with support. They fit the working woman's needs for her feet.

Leslie Valk, 2018

Title: Key Holder
Favorite Local Attraction:The Adirondack mountains and hiking some of our amazing high peaks!
Bio: I chose to work here at Lenny's because I am a huge believer in supporting local business and keeping our area a close knit community. Lenny's has always been very community based and I really wanted to be a part of that. My favorite Lenny's moments are when our brand reps come in and I get to learn neat new facts about some of the awesome products we carry here. I also enjoy when we get new products in, opening those boxes is like Christmas! My current favorite product here at Lenny's would have to be KEEN I love how comfortable they are and how well they hold up to North Country conditions.

Alex Warner, 2018

Title: Key Holder
Favorite Local Attraction: City Of Plattsburgh Marina
Bio: My family and I have shopped at Lenny's in Williston for years, so when they came to Plattsburgh, I knew it was somewhere I'd love to work. I left Lenny's in 2016 when I moved out of the area, so this is actually my second time working for Lenny's. If it wasn't great why would I come back?! One of my favorite spots in town is the City Of Plattsburgh Marina, in the summer it's the best spot to grab a bite to eat and watch the boats!

St. Albans Store

Mary Jane Shonyo, 2009

Title: Co-Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Sunset on Lake Champlain
Bio: One of the funniest moments in working at Lenny’s was when my store manger pants ripped in the middle of the sale floor. One of my favorite items we carry are the Klog brand clogs for the comfort.

Williston Store

Greyson Abt, 2014

Title: Assistant Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Lenny's Shoe & Apparel
Bio: I love the products we carry and educating our customers about them. I like anything Danner or Mountain Khaki, they are simply the best.

Mj Bouvier, 2019

Title: Digital Marketing Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Crystal Lake State Park, Barton, VT
Bio: I chose to work at Lenny's because they genuinely care about their customers and staff. I wanted to work for a locally owned business that had a history of giving back to the community, so Lenny's was a perfect fit. Every day is different, challenging and exciting.

I'm impressed by the Tasc Performance line of clothing Lenny's carries. The fabric is sourced from bamboo, it's comfortable to wear, wicks moisture, is breathable, has UPF 50+, and more. Perfect for an active lifestyle!

Amanda Cashin, 2011

Title: Marketing Director
Favorite Local Attraction: Valcour Island
Bio: I have shopped at Lenny's since I was a kid, always getting my back to school sneakers and winter jackets here. I love working for locally owned businesses and when the job opportunity came up and aligned with my skills, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

I love filming our television commercials. It's fun to work on the concepts and find coworkers, friends, family and customers to participate. We always have fun filming and manage to spend most of the day laughing, and usually dancing and singing as well!

I enjoy anything by Prana. I love my Kara jeans and all the Prana summer dresses.

Marc LeBlanc, 2009

Title: Buyer
Favorite Local Attraction: Church Street for drinks with friends to people watch
Bio: I chose to work for Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel because it’s a local, family-run business. My favorite memories are of our charity work with the Humane Society. I created the "Quarter Drop" game that raised over $6000.00 for the Humane Society of Chittenden county. Also when two frequent female customers came in and gave me a hug and said "You and your fun personality are the reason we come here.” I like the Olukai Moloa shoe for their comfort and ease.

Bobbie Jo Roby, 2011

Title: Store Manager
Favorite Local Attraction: Church Street and the Burlington Waterfront
Bio: I have over 21 years of shoe and retail experience. Lenny's Shoe & Apparel was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge. One of my favorite memories was my experience as the District Manager when I was hired. It gave me the opportunity to meet all staff in all locations. Another favorite memory was opening the Plattsburgh location. My favorite brand we carry is Kuhl. I like it’s quality and it fits my taste of clothing

Anthony Spencer, 2016

Title: Sales Associate
Favorite Local Attraction: I love going to Vermont local breweries to see how great beer is made!
Bio: I'd have to say that my two favorite products would have to be Timberland or Kuhl. Both of which are phenomenal products in their own right. Whether you need boots you can rely on or clothes that will last and last, we've got them here at Lennys!
Kash Spencer, 2018
Title: Key Holder
Favorite Local Attraction: Tree House at Oakledge Park
Bio: I choose to work at Lenny's because it is family owned and that's exactly how the atmosphere is. My favorite moment working at Lenny's is staff appreciation days. We worked really hard at providing great customer service and its nice to see that the owners take note of that. My favorite Lenny's product is everything!, there are a lot of high quality brands at great prices. We pretty much have everything.